Membership Information


  1. The membership of the Society shall consist of Individual and Corporate members. The individual membership shall consist of Student, Ordinary, Life, Fellow and Honorary members.
  2. Those seeking membership shall meet the qualification requirements of Section 2 of this Article; shall fully subscribe and adhere to the purposes of the Society as referred to in Section 3 of Article I; and in addition shall pay any fees as provided for in the by-laws of the Society.



Any person of Malaysian nationality over 18 years, company or organisation, alien residents and foreigners who subscribe to the interests and welfare of the Society may apply for membership to be approved by the Board as follows:

Student Member

  1. A Student member shall be a person who interested in the purposes of the Society, and is currently enrolled in any school, college or university.
  2. Student Membership shall not extend for more than one (1) year after graduation at the institution. Conversion of a Student Membership to Ordinary Membership shall be possible by satisfying requirements for Ordinary Membership.
  3. A Student Member shall enjoy all of the privileges of an Ordinary Member except the right to vote and to be voted upon.
  4. Any university or university college students who wish to become the member of the Society shall obtain prior written approval from the relevant authority concerned.
  5. Fees : RM20.00/Year + Application/Registration fees : RM10.00

Ordinary and Life Members (MMyCT)

  1. Any person possessing good moral character and who is engaged in or interested in furthering the purpose of the society is eligible for admission as Ordinary or Life Member.
  2. A life member shall make one time payment of membership fee (RM300/-) and shall enjoy the privileges of an Ordinary member.
  3. Fees : RM300.00/once in a life + Application/Registration fees : RM10.00

Fellow Member (FMyCT)

  1. A Fellow Member is limited to candidates who have more than 10 years relevant experience and make significant contribution to computed tomography and imaging technology.
  2. Fees : RM150.00/year + Application/Registration fees : RM10.00

Honorary Member (Hon.MyCT)

  1. An Honorary Member shall be a person of acknowledged eminence in the field of computed tomography and imaging technology and/or one who has been recognised as having contributed to the interest of the Society.
  2. An Honorary Member shall enjoy all of the privileges of an ordinary member, except the right to vote and to be voted upon.

Corporate Member (CMyCT)

  1. A Corporate Member may be a corporation or a company duly registered in Malaysia possessing the desire to promote the interest of the Society.
  2. A Corporate Member may designate three (3) persons as its representatives who each shall have the status of an Ordinary Member.
  3. Fees : RM300.00 + Application/Registration fees : RM10.00


Voting Rights

Each Ordinary Member is entitled to one (1) vote on all matters submitted to the general membership for a vote.


Suspension and Termination

The Board may suspend or terminate the membership of any member of the Society for causes provided for in the Constitution of the Society.


Availability of Records

The records of the Society shall be considered confidential and shall only be made available to a member with the authority of the Board.